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We are your shading experts. 

Our team at Veil specializes in numerous project delivery methods ranging from conceptual planning to complete consulting services handling the most complex shading solutions in the industry.


With over a decade of experience in the building design industry our group has the know-how to seamlessly integrate into your workflow.  We will cover our own fee in reduced change orders alone all while helping design teams and owners alike achieve a new standard in modern construction.

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Integrated Roller Shade Detail:

The detail above was created to incorporate a custom bottom-up automated roller shade system into the curtain wall of a building.  The detail properly addresses shade backing, housing, size, low voltage, and power components.


We are the "newest" consultant to the AEC industry.  Veil is a first-of-its-kind professional consultant that focuses on the most underrepresented system in a building - intelligent shading devices.  As a member of the design team, we can reduce the hours both the architect and engineer spend on shading systems by producing a complete shading drawing package.  Professional engineers are on staff to help all members of the design and construction team to seamlessly deliver your roller shade system.  

Consultant work includes:

  • System motorization  

  • Roller shade system design (full architectural plans)

    • Roller shade layout

    • Roller shade schedules​

    • Roller shade electrical system layout for MEP engineer (low voltage and line voltage roller shade requirements)

    • Roller shade low voltage network infrastructure and layout, including full building automation backbone for core-and-shell packages

    • Roller shade construction details 

  • Cross-discipline integration ​

    • Lighting system​

    • Electrical system

    • HVAC system 

    • Security system

  • Fabric-based calculations (thermal, glare control, etc.)

  • Overall budgeting of designed systems

Veil takes the neutral approach of a design consultant and member of the design team to create an open design.  Our team delves into the details and coordination of all components of the system, producing a deliverable that is tailored to the design team and integrates a project's roller shades into all other trades in your building.



Roller shade detailing may be the single most important aspect of eliminating construction issues with a roller shade system.  From simple manual shade pocket detailing through custom integrated systems, our team can deliver stand-alone detailing services to streamline project delivery and reduce overall installation costs. 


system budgeting

Understanding the needs of a design team and owner is a critical - and all too often ignored - step into properly estimating the cost of a shade system.  As a consultant we are able to leverage our deep knowledge of shading systems to help design teams and contractors establish budget pricing throughout the design phase of a project.

With professional engineers on staff, our team's background in building system design allows Veil to also evaluate costs for Division 26 (electrical) and Division 23 (mechanical) impacts from the shading system and integration. 


façade analysis

At Veil we view the window shade as an integral part of the façade.  We can provide a Complete Façade Report where we can clearly communicate the thermal performance of a complete façade assembly that holistically combines the glazing, air gaps, and shade system into a single usable number. This takes the guesswork out of the mechanical engineer's work and reduces the "scavenger hunt" from the architect searching for these values.


forensic system analysis

We regularly review existing systems and designs from architects, owners, and contractors to help them understand why their motorized roller shade systems are not functioning properly. We identify issues resulting from errors and omissions in design, construction, and implementation of these systems through complete knowledge of the roller shade industry.



If you are an owner or facility manager with existing motorized roller shades, chances are you have a system with significant room for improvement with the addition of intelligence and automation. At Veil we offer existing system evaluation to see if you are a candidate updates to your control system and shade programming to improve glare control and energy use.  Veil can analize your system and give you a work-plan to connect with the appropriate product reps to fine-tune your system.



Limited budget on renovation work?  No problem.  Retrofitting existing manual roller shades is an easy way to bring a new level of performance and glare control to existing facilities at a fraction of the cost of a new automated system.  Retrofitting motors brings basic motorized functionality into existing shades all the way up to sun-tracking automated performance.  

Veil can review existing designs to determine what power and communication requirements will be needed to hand off to your preferred contractor to seamlessly upgrade your existing system.


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