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engineered shading.

Shading systems have transformed - nearly overnight - from a simple manual device to a fully networked motorized system.  As buildings have become more complex to incorporate a wider variety of technologies, design teams have evolved to become increasingly specialized. This requires experts in a wider variety of fields mastering the systems they’re designing and specifying.  Audio video, lighting, acoustics, sustainability, even kitchen equipment design have all seen their roles on projects become broken off to dedicated consultants – yet motorized building shading systems have lagged behind in a middle ground between the architect and engineer.


That changes today.

We spent years as professional engineers watching as project after project was overrun with shading system issues. Change orders, integration issues, missing scope, and constructability issues caused headaches - and showed how much was left on the table with shading design.  As passionate designers we knew that these problems were avoidable and should not be happening. 


Our solution: veil | engineered shading


We are your partner in translating an owner's vision into a functioning and integrated shading system that works in harmony with mechanical, lighting, and life-safety systems.

Together, let's rewrite shading design.

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